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ARML Team Practice
Sunday, April 6, 2014
2:00–5:00 pm

Guest talk:
The mathematical structure of complex networks
Juan Restrepo
Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, CU-Boulder

Interested in broadening your mathematical knowledge and sharpening your analytical thinking? Join the Colorado Math Circle for exciting math talks and problem solving sessions hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder. Speakers will include math professors and mathematicians from around the state. Topics are expected to include number theory, combinatorics, probability, geometry, and group theory.

The Euler Group is intended for advanced high school students. It will meet throughout the year to work on problem solving, focusing on topics outside the standard math curriculum. Past topics have included cyclotomic polynomials, knot theory, computability theory, and dynamical systems.

The Galois Group is intended for advanced middle school students. It will meet throughout the year to work on problem solving. Past topics have included modular arithmetic, Catalan numbers, recursion, and pigeonhole principle. Recommended background: high school algebra. (Grade school students should wait until sixth grade before attending, even if they are currently studying middle or high school math.)

You may attend any meeting without pre-registering but if you would like to add your name to the Colorado Math Circle mailing list, please complete this registration form.


Check our calendar for the 2013–14 meeting schedule.


Meetings will take place in the CU-Boulder Engineering Center or Duane Physics Building or Benson Earth Sciences Building. (See driving directions.) The classroom location will change from month to month so please check our calendar for the correct room number.

math circle news

January 2014

Congratulations to Jesse Zhang of Fairview High School who won 2nd place in the 2014 Who Wants to Be a Mathematician contest, receiving $6000 for himself and his school! The contest took place at the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore.

September 2013

Congratulations to Nina Vendhan of the Kent Denver School who won 8th place in the 2013 Math Prize for Girls! In addition to receiving $1000, Nina now advances to the 2013 Math Prize for Girls Olympiad in November.

August 2013

We are pleased to announce that the CU-Boulder Department of Mathematics is now a co-sponsor of the Colorado Math Circle, joining the Department of Applied Mathematics and Outreach Committee.

June 2013

The CU-Boulder Outreach Committee has awarded the Colorado Math Circle $6900 for the 2013–2014 academic year. We greatly appreciate the generous financial support we have received from the Outreach Committee and Department of Applied Mathematics.

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bulletcolorado arml

We will be preparing for the 2014 ARML Competition throughout the year. In June 2013 thirty-five students from twenty different schools represented Colorado at the national competition. Colorado placed 23rd in the U.S., out of 139 regional teams. Twice the Colorado team has won national honors: placing first in the B division in 2006 and placing sixth in the B division in 2011. Three times Colorado students have ranked among the top ten individuals in the competition.

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bulletsummer workshops

Each year the math circle hosts weeklong summer workshops, including Sophie Math for girls.


There is no fee for participating in the Colorado Math Circle. We are fortunate to be supported by the Outreach Committee, Department of Applied Mathematics, and Department of Mathematics of CU-Boulder, and the Rocky Mountain Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

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