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What is ARML?
The American Regions Mathematics League's annual competition brings together the nation's top math students for a weekend of friendly competition. In 2017 the contest involved 133 fifteen-member teams from almost every state. International teams from China, Korea, Philippines, Macao, Turkey, Colombia, and Indonesia have participated in the past. Check out the 2017 Competition for sample problems.
What is Colorado ARML?
Thirty to forty high school students will represent the state of Colorado at the western site of the ARML Competition at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, June 1–3, 2018. We will meet throughout the year to prepare for the competition. Meetings will emphasize teamwork, collaborative problem solving, and student presentations of solutions.
How will the Colorado ARML teams be chosen?
Two to three fifteen-member teams will be selected to represent Colorado at the national ARML competition.

Team tryouts will be held on Sunday, March 4, 2018, at CU-Boulder. Selection will be based on the following criteria: tryout results, past contest performance, grade level, previous ARML experience, and practice session participation. Team members typically rank among the top in the state in the AIME and AMC contests. Minimum background: Algebra II/Trigonometry.
When and where will meetings take place?
Practice sessions will be held at the CU-Boulder campus. See the meeting schedule for dates and times.

After team tryouts we will have at least five team practices to prepare for the ARML competition. We recommend that team members attend as many practices as possible, with a minimum requirement of three meetings. Students who live more than 2 hours from Boulder are excused from this requirement.
How has Colorado ARML placed in recent ARML competitions?
In 2017 The Colorado Team won 5th place in the B Division and ranked 22nd in the country out of 130+ regional teams. In 2011 the Colorado A Team placed 14th overall, and the B team was named a national winner, finishing sixth in the B division. In 2006 the Colorado ARML Team won first place in the B Division, ahead of 80 other teams.

In the individual standings, Hongyi Chen placed 12th in the U.S. in 2016, Ben Alpert placed sixth in 2011, Thomas Davids placed ninth in 2008 and Sam Elder placed ninth in 2007. Other Colorado students who have qualified for the tiebreaker round include Hannah Alpert in 2007, Hongyi Chen in 2014, Avi Swartz in 2015, Jesse Zhang in 2015, and Hongyi Chen and Rahul Thomas in 2017.
What is the ARML Power Contest?
The ARML Power Contest is a two-round team competition that takes place during the school year. It is similar to the Power Round of the ARML Competition. Any Colorado student is welcome to participate. See the meeting schedule for dates and times. The math circle has rank among the top seven teams for ten consecutive years and won first place in 2016.
How much will it cost?
There is no charge to attend math circle meetings or ARML practices. For 2018 the cost of the ARML trip to the University of Nevada is estimated to be $500–550 per team member. Financial assistance is available.
What if I can't make the trip to ARML? Can I come to the meetings anyway?
Yes. You're welcome to join us to work on challenging math problems.
Who will be leading the ARML practice sessions?
Silva Chang will be coaching the Colorado ARML teams. A former ARML participant, Silva teaches at CU-Boulder. Previously she coached the Colorado MATHCOUNTS team and Summit MS MATHCOUNTS Team for five years, and led the Fairview HS Math Club.
How do I join?
The best way is to fill out a registration form, then come to the next math circle meeting.