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ARML Format

Team Round
The team will have 20 minutes to work together on 10 problems, each worth 5 points.
Power Question
This problem, broken into a sequence of mini-problems, is a theoretical exercise requiring the writing of mathematical proofs. The team will have 60 minutes to write complete solutions, worth up to 50 points.
Individual Questions
There will be 10 individual questions, administered in pairs, with a 10-minute time limit for each pair. Each individual question is worth one point, for a maximum of 150 points per team.
Relay Round
Each team of fifteen will be split into five three-person Relay teams. Each Relay team will compete in two Relay Rounds. On each Relay, 5 points will be awarded to each Relay team that correctly completes the Relay within 3 minutes, and 3 points will be awarded for a correct answer within 6 minutes. Only the last answer submitted by each Relay team will be counted. A total of 50 points is available to each team on the Relay Round.

Each Relay team member will receive a different problem. TNYWR stands for the number you will receive. When the first person solves his (or her) problem, he writes the answer on a piece of paper and passes it to the second person. The second person needs that number to solve his problem (the number is referred to as “the number you will receive,” or TNYWR). When the second person comes up with an answer, he passes that number to the third person. When the third person gets an answer, he writes it on an official answer slip, and that slip will get handed in. The third person of each group should take all the official slips and fill in the complete team information on each.

The second and third persons can usually do most of their work before getting a number from the person ahead of them. Nothing may be passed except a number—NO COMMENTS, NO OTHER INFORMATION. You should double underline the answer you pass in case it accidentally gets turned upside down and looks like a different number. You may continue to pass answers, even if they are the same as before. NOTHING MAY BE PASSED FORWARD. IF YOU RECEIVE AN ANSWER THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO USE, JUST WAIT AND HOPE THAT A DIFFERENT ANSWER WILL GET PASSED TO YOU!

The third person may hand in an answer only at the 3-minute mark and at the 6-minute mark. If the answer handed in at 3 minutes is correct, and no answer is handed in later, it gets maximum points. If any answer is handed in at 6 minutes, the previous answer is discarded by the proctor (even if the number is the same as before!), and you can get only the lower number of points, provided the answer is correct. OBVIOUSLY THE THIRD PERSON SHOULD NOT HAND IN THE SAME ANSWER A SECOND TIME! The announcer will give a 15 second warning before the 3-minute and 6-minute time limits. If you are handing in an answer then, put it on the appropriate answer slip, hold that slip up, and the proctor will collect it.